Photos from my time covering the Denver Broncos

Under the lights
Party in the end zone
Losing His Grip
In the spotlight
The next big thing
Light work
Down the sideline
Say ahhhhh!
The Colorado Kid
Comedian in chief
Von visits the White House
A Bronco and a patriot
A moment of reflection
Business trip
Shade from the sun
Over The Top
Left Behind
The rookie and the vet
Hands-on learning
Eyes and hands for detail
Taking a rain check
The Staredown
You reach, I teach
Rookie ambition
With all due respect
Bringing smiles
Orange and blue
Calm before the storm
Beside himself
Hopeful for the Hall
Come together
Up, Up and No Way
No stopping him now
On the move
Ready for prime time (Pt. 2)
Too hot to handle
The Duke and Denver
Amateur Hour


Analog photography shot while covering the Broncos

Time to think
Starting strong
Break 'em down
No pregame jitters here
Summer break!
Purple haze
Rock on
Gather 'round
Tunnel vision
Light work
Locked and loaded
Bring 'em out
Taking in Lambeau
Camp vibes


Photos from our exclusive coverage of the Senior Bowl when the Broncos were selected to coach the North Team

Idle hands
Walking his own path
Natural leadership
Hat trick
Seeing red
Hard to stop
Showing off his arm
Closing in
Hit and run
Lined up and ready to go
Bent out of shape
Inside competition
Get low

©2018 by Ben Swanson